Monday, March 10, 2014

Omni IV

OmniIV Liquid Vitamins
Omnitritions #1 selling item for almost 24 years
~ Comes in packets and bottles
~ One capful on the bottle is a serving, or packet is a serving
~ Liquid vitamins are 96-98% absorbable versus 10-20% in pill form
~ It’s Micellized which means the fat soluble vitamins are broken down into water
soluble vitamins so your body can absorb it and flush what it doesn’t need
~ You cannot get toxic amounts , again your body flushes what you don’t need that
day and our nutritional needs change daily
~ It is the foundation product for all of the other products
~ Nutritional deficiencies are the causes of many diseases and illnesses
~ Keep refrigerated after opening
~ Available with or without 1500mg of glucosamine (no glucosamine for those with shellfish allergies
~ Can be used while on Omni Drops Program. If taken more than once daily, substitute half of a fruit serving.

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